Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I have some big news!  I honestly thought I wasn't going to travel down this road again or it would be a long time IF I did, but...I am pregnant....WHAT?!!  Yup, we're going to have another little one.  Yes, just ONE this time!  ;)  Trust me it was definitely a surprise, but we are so excited to be adding another little nugget to our crew in January.  I must admit I am more than a little nervous about having 2 three years olds and a baby to take care of.  I welcome any advice on how to survive, ha.  I keep telling myself that God's timing is perfect and it is, but gosh you never know what His plans are for you.  Honestly though we are absolutely thrilled!

 I already have a bump going on, so it's true that you definitely show quicker the second time around.

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