Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Free Weekend

I am super excited!  I am packing up the boys tomorrow and meeting my in-laws in Asheville to hand the boys off.  They are going to spend a long weekend with Grammy and Poppy in Kingsport, and Grandma is going to make the quick drive up to help.  This is the first time we've done this so I can't wait!  Woo hoo!  Party at the Vicars this weekend!  Yeah our party is going to consist of major housework (impossible to get things done with the boys around).  Adam and I already have a Lowe's date set up for tomorrow night...romantic, right?  No seriously I am anxious to get some deep down cleaning done and do some minor repairs and sprucing up on our house.  We may even sneak in a birthday dinner downtown for Adam.  ;)

 I will leave y'all with some pics of my cuties.  Even though I'm excited for some free time, I know I will miss them terribly.


Van is absolutely enthralled by any lotions, sprays, cleaning supplies or tools that I use.  I rinsed out this old conditioner container for him.  The best toys are things like that...amazing.

Van selfie

Eli selfie
Cherish the times they still want to be held.
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