Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's a...

I couldn't wait until 20 weeks to find out what I'm having, so we scheduled a 16 week ultrasound.  And drum is...


The Vicars Family is definitely Team Blue all the way!  And yes I am TOTALLY outnumbered! 

This is definitely the last one so no we will NOT be trying for a girl, ha.  
I must admit I was kinda hoping for a girl and was a little upset when I found out, but am totally OK with it now.   I am excited for another little man in my life.  The boys will be great big brothers to the little guy.

So y'all can go ahead and write me off as a true Soccer Mom.  Now all I need is a minivan...NOT!!!!  Sorry folks that one's never gonna happen.  I don't care if I have to tie one of the kids to the roof, it ain't happening.  Those of y'all with 3, how did you do car seats?  I am really hoping I can fit 3 across in the middle row.  

We are very blessed to have 3 little guys in our lives!

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