Thursday, February 9, 2017

Back and Shoulders Workout

Day 2 last week was legs and shoulders.  I super-setted everything meaning I did a back exercise then immediately did a shoulder exercise, rested for a minute or so then resumed.

Pull-ups (yes I can only get 4 on my own but I try every week to increase 1 rep....sooooo hard!!!) 
super-set with barbell push press 4 x 4(pull-ups) 10 (push-presses)
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Cable lat pulldown with cable upright row 4 x 10
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Aussie pull-ups (You can use any low bar) and dumbbell side lat and front raises 3 x 10
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Drop set (start heavy then lighten when you can't do anymore) of kneeling cable pull-downs
Whew!  My upper back was sore for several days after this one!
Image result for kneeling cable lat pulldown
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Monday, January 30, 2017

Back to the Blog!

I am trying to figure out the best way to share my workouts.  For now I am back to the blog.  I may try posting some to Instagram too.  I am also experimenting with videos on my YouTube channel as well. 


I completed this workout last week and let me tell you, it was probably one of the best leg workouts I have ever done!  I was sore for days.

Eventually, I would like to demonstrate my own exercises but for today...

Barbell squats: 5 x 8-12 
(I start light and add weight each set.  As I add weight my reps go down.)

Image result for jamie eason barbell squat demonstration
* Thank you, Jamie Eason, for the visual 

Pic Cred

Narrow Leg Press: 4 x 10 with calf raises in between sets
Image result for narrow leg press
Link to demonstration

Smith Machine Lunges: 3 x 10 each leg
Image result for smith machine lunge
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Smith Machine Hip Thrusts 3 x 10

Donkey Kickbacks (20 each leg 2x each side) 
Image result for donkey kickbacks

Single Leg Press Machine Burnouts or Drop Set 
(Start heavy and push as many out as you can, then drop your weight down each time you cannot push anymore.)
Image result for single leg leg press machine
Here's a better visual

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Monday, February 29, 2016

Back and Shoulders

In addition to pump, I did my leg workout one day and paired up shoulders and back the next.  Next week I will hit arms hard.  Ideally I would hit legs, back, shoulders, and arms in addition to a pump or 2 a week but right now that's just not happening.  So...I'm rotating back and shoulders with arms. 
Here is the Back and Shoulder Workout I did...
*Click on each exercise to see technique
I did super-sets to keep it moving and my heart rate up.
Warm-Up: 10 min jog or walk at 13% incline on treadmill
30-50 push-ups
1.  Pull-ups (not assisted so I only got like 3 but you have to start somewhere)
super-set with Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press
5x6-8 (I used heavy weight)
2. Lat Pull Downs
super-set with Rope Pulls 
3. Seated Cable Rows
super set with alternating Dumbbell Front Raise
4x10-12 each side
4. Kneeling Cable Pull Downs
super set with EZ Bar Upright Rows
4x 6-8 (heavy)

 This week I will hit legs again but will throw in arms the next day.  
I will share that workout in my next blog post...
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Monday, February 22, 2016

Booty Work

The reason I go to the gym is because it is the only thing (besides a glass of wine) that keeps me sane.  I love my boys more than anything but I do not get many breaks from being a mommy so the gym is MY time.  It helps me feel like a normal person for an hour.  I also love challenging my body in new ways.
As you know I am pursuing the weight room with a vengeance to see how my body reacts to heavy lifting.  So far the results have gone beyond my expectations and I have only scratched the surface of my workouts. I am excited to see the increases in my weight each week and changes in my body.  I also like feeling like a "Strong Mommy"! 
I have done the leg workout below twice in the past 2 weeks.  I plan to change it up just a bit next week.  I plan to keep changing it up so my workouts don't get stale.  On a good week I get 4 workouts in (2 of which are Pump and another class I teach).  Let's be honest in an ideal world I would workout 5-6 times, but these days that just ain't happening.  I really want to build my booty, so no matter what I'm trying to get my leg workout in each week.  I have been rotating back, shoulders, and arms the other time.  More on those in a later post.  Today it's all about that BOOTY...
*I have linked each exercise below to a demonstration on technique if you are interested.
Warm-up: 10 minutes on the treadmill (walk on 13% incline or jog)
50ish air squats to get the blood flowing in the legs
1. Barbell Squats
3x8-10 (light to moderate weight)
3x5 (heavy weight)

I was so proud of myself because this week I got up to 155 pounds on squats. It's amazing how quickly you can go up in weight.

2. Narrow Smith Machine squats super-set with curtsy lunges holding a weight:
3. Dumbbell Step Ups (I use a bench):
4x10 each side
4. Sideways Leg Press (I got this move from Buff Bunny):
My legs are really about done at this point but if I have any steam left, I do a quick Sumo Squat drop set holding a heavy dumbbell.
If I have time, I will throw in some abs at the end too.
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Friday, February 5, 2016

I'm Back!

Hey guys!  Yes it has been way too long.  Life is extremely busy and exhausting right now, so the blog got put on the back burner.  Between my 3 boys, working part-time from home, and the gym, I am overwhelmed most days.  It is so hard!  By the end of the day I am a zombie.  I am in bed by 8 or 9 most nights   You Mommies know what I'm talking about.  Anyway, I am trying to get back to the blogging world.  
I have to talk about my passion.  No, not wiping poopy butts contrary to popular belief.  Although that is a close second.  I'm talking about fitness.  Now when I last posted, I was lifting heavier in the weight room (less reps, more weight).  My body is used to high reps and less weight so this shocked me quite a bit.  I honestly was skeptical when I first started because when I left the weight room I didn't feel like I was doing anything.  Now keep in mind I am one who loves the cardio and if I'm not dripping sweat by the end of a workout, it wasn't effective enough.  My way of thinking has totally changed!  Y'all I have never had results like this before.  Building a little muscle is amazing!  I truly believe that strength training is key to burning fat and maintaining a lean physique,  Now don't get me wrong, cardio is definitely important but I'm convinced the best way to burn fat is to build up that muscle!  After just a few short weeks of lifting, I saw tremendous results in my body.  Even when I didn't keep up with it like I should, I continued to lean out.  Y'all I was only scratching the surface in the weight room, so I am excited to see what some added time and some heavier weights and different exercises will do.  I used to poo poo the weight room and honestly I was a little intimidated.  Like I said my eyes have been opened.  
This spring I plan to get back to a regular weight lifting routine with some new exercises and some heavier weight hopefully.  I am excited to challenge my body and see what changes I can make.  My intent is to bring y'all along on my journey.  
So here's what I've been doing the past few months...
Shout out to Ben Robi for the amazing pictures!  

I am still teaching Pump but will get to the weight room the days I'm not.  
Here is my starting point...
Project "Booty"
Assisted Pull-Up Machine 
(I will attempt just plain ole pull-ups next time.  I am not a fan of this machine).
Lat Pull Downs 
Cable Rows
(added weight each time)
4x12, 10, 8, 6
Rope Face Pulls
Cable Pulls on knees
(Not sure what this is called but you grab 2 different cables and kneel down in the middle and pull down to isolate upper back)
Dumbbell rows
Lower back extensions
The boys are working on their fitness too.
Can't leave out Lil B.  He took over their car.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm Still Alive

Oh my goodness! It's been way too long. A lot has been going on. Between the boys starting school, traveling to TN some, and keeping up with life, I've been pretty busy. I will update y'all on how my workout progress has been going.

I have to admit I haven't stuck religiously to Jamie Eason's program but I am still lifting weights just modifying a bit. I pull from her program exercises and tailor them to my schedule. For example I am averaging teaching 2 pumps a week which gives me a full body workout using light weight and many many reps. The other 2 days I incorporate heavy weights challenging me in ways I've never been challenged before in the gym. I usually do one arm day lifting heavy shoulders, triceps, and biceps combined with 20 minutes of intervals on the treadmill. The other day I do heavy legs, back, and abs. I try to get another cardio day in too but that doesn't always happen. I have really focused on trying to take rest days so my body can repair and build that muscle...something that is hard for me to do.

Since I've been pumping for so many years, adding heavy weight was a challenge for me at first but the past few weeks I have been able to add more weight surprising myself at what I could do. I still have a long way to go but I have enjoyed seeing some results and getting stronger. I love the challenge! I have taken some pics to track my progress.

July 9 
(the beginning of my "heavy" lifting journey)

July 22

July 24

July 28

August 6

 august 14

September 2

September 5

Next week I plan to change it up again.  I am going to add even more weight and lower reps.  I will continue that for a couple of weeks.  I then plan to do some tri-sets and add more cardio back in.  I am still following Jamie Eason's From Flat to All That somewhat.  I am just modifying it a bit.

I love challenging my body in new ways and having a goal to work toward.  I am really enjoying the change up in my workouts.  As always it's a great stress relief and a great way to have productive "me" time.  As a mom it is so easy to forget about yourself.  It is very important to have something that is for me that helps my overall well being.  I am a better mom because of it.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 3: From Flat to All That

I just completed week 3 of Jamie Eason's From Flat to All That program.  This week really increased the workouts and the weight.  I did modify a little bit.  I switched up a few days and dropped two of the leg days.  I got in a full body on Monday so really just one leg day is what's missing.
Here's what I did:

Monday: Pump

Tuesday: Chest and Abs at home.  Next week I'm going to have to do this one in the gym because I didn't have enough weight.  My chest was a little sore from all the push-ups though.

Wednesday:  Shoulders, Tris and Cardio

Thursday: Legs (Glutes, Calves (1 exercise), and Abs)

Saturday: Back and Biceps (I threw in some pull ups in lieu of cardio)

This week was all about figuring out how much weight I need in order to really push myself with only 10 reps.  Next week I plan on adding more weight to push myself and my heart rate.

I had a little shadow when I did my at-home workout.  Whatever I do, he tries to mimic.  Love his heart!
Ab time
My ab buddy

If y'all are interested, here's the link for the program:
From Flat to All That

I will also post it below...

“FROM FLAT TO ALL THAT!” Weeks 3 & 4



Sets & Reps

Sets & REPS

3 x 10

DB Shoulder Press
3 x 10

Weighed Hip Thrusts
3 x 12

DB Front Delt Raises
3 x 10

3 x 10

45 Degree Lying Lateral Raises
3 x 10

Single-leg Squat
3 x 10

Rear Delt Rope Pulls
3 x 10

Bands (abduction)
3 x 20

Narrow Push-ups
3 x 20

Weighted straight leg Crunch
3 x 20

Incline Bench Skullcrushers
3 x 20

Heels to Ceiling Crunches
3 x 20

Repeat 6 time

Bicycle Crunches
3 x 25

3 minutes

Jump lunges

Bicycle Crunches




sets & reps

Incline Chest Press
3 x 10

Quads- Pre-fatigue Leg Extensions
3 x 20

Wide Push-ups
3 x 20

Walking Lunges
3 x 20

DB Pullovers
3 x 10

Wide BB Squat
3 x 20

Cable Flyes
3 x 10

Zercher Step-ups
3 x 10 (each side)

Up-up/Down-down Plank Push-ups
3 x 20

Lying Leg Curls
3 x 12

3 x 12

Weighted Hyperextensions
3 x 12

Swiss Ball Ab Tucks
3 x 12

Standing Calf Raises
3 x 20

Seated Calf Raises
3 x 20



sets & reps

Sets & Reps

Wide-grip Lat Pull-down
3 x 12

Leg Press
4 x 10

Narrow-grip Lat Pull-down
3 x 12

Single-leg Squat
3 x 10

Lying Incline Bench DB Rows
3 x 12

Leg Extensions
4 x 10

Cable Straight Arm Pushdown
3 x 12

Sumo Squats
3 x 10

Alternating Bicep Curls
3 x 10 (each side)

4 x 10

Concentration Curls
3 x 10 (each side)

Seated Calf Raises
3 x 20

Rope Cables Curls
3 x 15

Standing Calf Raises
3 x 20

Side Crunches
3 x 20 (Each Side)

Cardio- 20 minute HIIT

Scissor Kicks
3 x 20

Reverse Crunches
3 x 20

Copyright © - Jamie Eason Middleton, 2015

Is anyone else doing this?  I would love to hear about your journey!!
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