Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fit Pregnancy

Since my fitness plans and goals have changed and are somewhat delayed, I thought I would document my fitness journey throughout my pregnancy.  I do plan to keep working out my entire pregnancy unless something unforeseen happens.  In an ideal world I would keep hitting it as hard as I have been but know that's not realistic.  When I first found out I was pregnant I made up my mind it wasn't going to slow me down in the gym...ha ha yeah right!  Then the ickiness hit...

The first several weeks were rough because I didn't feel good and still had to keep up with 2 year old toddlers.  Did I mention they're out of school for the summer too?  Eeeek!  I definitely slowed a bit with my workouts.  I am averaging 3-4 workouts a week down from 6-7 and that's a good week.  I am still teaching Pump and plan to continue throughout my pregnancy.  At least if I'm teaching I have to go to the gym.  My body definitely seems to be working against me.  I am still attending classes at the gym too when I feel up to it.  I did run a few times at the very beginning and that was a joke.  Talk about dead weight!  I felt like I was running through molasses.  I gave up running for now because I get so frustrated with myself and it's so darn hot! Overall, I have scaled it back a bit and have taken the intensity down a notch (not by choice I assure you).  I immediately felt the effects of pregnancy...out of breath quickly and don't have my normal high intensity level.  I am not feeling like working out most days but I find that I do feel better if I make myself do something.  

As far as my diet is concerned, my clean eating diet went out the window when the ickiness hit.  I am struggling a little with nausea so the key for me is to keep my stomach full and feed it what it wants.  As y'all can probably guess a lot of carbs are involved.  I am eating my weight and then some in french fries (not all fast food though).  Frozen oven baked fries are my go to and I do indulge in Chick Fil-A at least once a week.  It's the boys' favorite treat so that's my excuse, right?  Y'all know I recently gave up Cokes, but guess what?  Diet 7Up and Diet Coke has made an appearance back into my diet.  I try to limit them to a few times a week if that.  It's all about keeping the stomach happy right now.  You gotta do what you can.

As I write this I am making my way to 13 weeks, so I am hoping my energy is going to return soon.  Thankfully the queasiness has been better the past few days.  I am ready to get back to a healthier diet and to the gym more regularly.  Really all I want is to feel good again!! 

This will be me in a few months...ha ha!  Totally kidding!!!  I had to share this pic.  Isn't this insane?!  This is taking it a little too far if you ask me.  

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