Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blondie Thoughts: Our Typical Day Summer Style

I have to start off by talking about our wonderful weekend.  It's amazing how much you can get done without little ones around.  Adam has become quite the handyman, and I was actually really impressed at all we accomplished this weekend.  Since it rained literally all weekend we worked on the inside of the house.  We basically did projects around the house and went out to eat a lot and that was just fine with me.  I just love productive weekends!  Of course we missed our little ones terribly and we were ready to see them Sunday afternoon.  So thankful for a weekend of freedom! 
Now..."Blondie Thoughts" for today...

I'm entering my second trimester and am feeling a whole lot better, so I'm trying to get back to a normal summertime routine. 
I get up most days between 6-6:30, so I can have a few quiet minutes to myself.  In this time I have my coffee, read a quick devotional, and get a little work done.  I cherish this quiet time in the morning before the chaos of the day begins.

The boys normally (of course there are the days they are awake earlier) get up around 7-7:30.  Thankfully they will play in their room for a little bit which gives me time to wrap up my work, get their breakfast ready, and myself ready (which means putting my contacts in and washing my face).
I get them up, change diapers, dress them and we have breakfast while watching cartoons.

We normally get out every morning either to go to the gym, run errands, or if I'm feeling really brave head to the pool.  I have to say though the last few times I took them to the pool I swore I was never taking them back by myself.  I physically cannot chase them both around the pool going in different directions.  We are working on listening and obeying, and until we can listen to what Mommy says, no more pool.  That's mean but it's how it has to be.  I'm sure I will attempt it again this week though, ha.

An attempted pool day (it didn't last long)
We do have to get out and do something even if it's driving around.  I can't stand sitting in the house all day with them running around looking for trouble.  Depending on our activities, which most days is the gym, we leave the house between 8-9.   The boys love to play at the gym nursery so that makes us all happy campers!  
After the gym we may run a few other errands or head on home.   The boys fave thing to do is ride through the car wash and get Chick Fil A.  I try to limit our eating out to once or twice a week for lunch. 

We normally get home around 11-11:30 and will eat lunch then we prepare for naps, which is a complicated process.  Another diaper change (please God let them be potty trained soon), time to drink "milkies" and fight them to sit down and read a book before saying prayers and tucking in for naps.  I have recently started bribing them (oops) to sit down and read and then get in bed.  An M&M treat sure does the trick! 

Can you tell what Momma was craving?  
I never get Wendy's normally but baby (that's who I blame it on) wanted a hamburger. ;)
As soon as I close the door to their room, I breathe a sigh of relief and run to the shower.  Nap time is scared around here.  Lately they've been playing destroying their rooms for an hour before going down.  As I write this I hear them banging their dresser drawers.  I tell you what!  I have NEVER in my life seen such destruction as these boys can create.  I think I have the room baby proofed and they find something else to destroy.  We had to remove most everything from their dresser drawers and lock it all in the closet.  We have taken all pictures off the walls.  Now they are ripping the pages out of all their books, so any paper books have been removed.  I'm tempted to take their toy basket out too since that seems to distract them from sleep.  I am still struggling with figuring out the whole toddler bed thing.  How do you make them stay in it and sleep?  

This was when we decided it was time to lock everything up in the closet.

Anyway, I digress...nap time...oh sweet nap time!  If they are really tired, they can sleep a good 2 1/2-3 hours.  :)  It really varies day to day but no matter what they have to go in their rooms around 12-12:30 to 2:30-3.   
This is when I work or lately it's been watching Housewives or my new old fave Friday Night Lights re-runs and maybe sneak a nap in.  Come on, I'm pregnant.  That's my excuse anyway.  
After nap time we play and watch cartoons until Daddy gets home.  Sometimes I teach in the evenings so we head to the gym if so.  I am normally wiped in the evenings so it's rare (unless I'm teaching) that we get out again.  

After nap selfie

Afternoon snack time with a few Mickey flash cards thrown in. ;)

Daddy gets home at 6 and from 6 until bedtime which is 7:30-8ish now, it's a whirlwind.  Cook dinner, fight the boys to eat, clean up, baths, jammies, milkies, fight them again to settle down and read books before tucking in and saying prayers.  Thankfully Adam helps me out a lot in the evenings.  He gives them baths and reads them books before bed.  Such a good Daddy!

Bear likes bedtime stories too.

After that I'm absolutely worn out!  I feel Adam gets the short end of the stick because I'm so tired at the end of the day.  This is why it's so important we plan date nights, so we have uninterrupted time to talk.   We do watch a little TV together before getting in bed.  I'm in bed at 9 almost every night.  I normally watch a little more TV in the bedroom or read to help put me to sleep.  My current fave bedtime shows are Seinfield re-runs, Everybody Loves Raymond re-runs, Aerial America, or Mysteries at the Museum.  
And that's my typical day.  Routine and not very exciting, but I feel very blessed to be able to be at home with my little monkeys.  

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