Monday, January 13, 2014

Work It

 I'm sure most of us have set goals for the New Year regarding fitness. are you doing so far?  I've tried Pilates and changed up my routine a bit by throwing in Spin since it's too cold to run outside.  I must be honest though I haven't made it yet to the weight room, but it's coming! :)  Your body gets used to doing the same thing, so it's essential to change it up.  Nothing like a good body shock!  I've been killing the group fitness classes.  I've been trying to get 5-6 cardio workouts in a week. I've been alternating BodyCombat, BodyAttack, and Spin (which is a great alternative to running).  Of course I'm still keeping up with the weights.  I teach 1-2 BodyPump classes a week.  
Now let's talk about the good stuff...the clothes, right?!  Of course I always love Lululemon, but let's face it, they are downright expensive!  Since I literally wear workout gear every day, I am constantly searching for cheaper apparel much like Lululemon.  I must say I've found some great alternatives. 
Check out these from GapFit...
gFast Capris
Breathe Stripe T
Drawstring Tunic Tank
How awesome is this color?
Another new discovery is the Victoria's Secret Sport line.  They are having their semi-annual sale right now, so it's a great time to buy.  FYI, if you go to the store they have marked it down to 50% off the sale price!!!  What?!!  GO NOW!  
Funnel Neck Pullover
Long Sleeve Studio Tee
I've mentioned them before, but I do love my Zella leggings.  I wear them as pants all the time.  I think I've actually only worn them to the gym once.
Live in Leggings
I normally wear Asics, but these were on such a great sale and I loved the colors.  Let me say, I LOVE them!  They feel so good on my almost flat feet.  ;)
    Nike Free 4.0 (on sale!)
Good luck on those fitness goals! 
~Sarah Marie~

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