Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm a Sugar Addict?

~Day 2 Update~

So I'm kinda enjoying blogging about my diet/nutrition progress, so here's an update on day 2.  We will see if I'm still as gung ho about it in a week.   

Here's a quick video update.  Keep in mind I'm only on day 2 of trying to eat clean.

On another note...
I just started a  book by Jackie Warner  who happens to be one of my fitness idols.  I am only on chapter 1 and it's fabulous!  Just in the first chapter I found out I am a sugar addict.  I mean I kinda knew this, but to read about it freaked me out as in I never want to eat sugar again (yeah right).  Everything she talks about makes perfect sense, so why has it taken me this long to figure it out?

Here are some eye opening facts that everyone should know:

*Sugar creates a response in the brain much like that of heroine.
*Your body can crave it like any other drug.  You can even get the same withdrawal symptoms as those caused by heroin, nicotine, and booze.
*It is not only bad for you but probably one of the worst things you could put in your body.
*It is hidden in food everywhere!  Beware!

Jackie relies on the 5g or less rule.  Don't eat anything that has more than 5g of sugar unless it's natural like fruit.  

I am on day 2 of no sugar.  So my question is...if I cut it completely out, will I still crave it?  I am testing it this week.  So far, I haven't had a huge sugar craving but again only on day 2.      

I can't wait to keep reading and hope to bring you all some more revelations.

Sarah Marie


  1. Based on my experience, you won't crave it. It's crazy. I used to want something sweet every day, especially during stressful moments. A couple of weeks without it, and the cravings disappeared. A while back I eliminated HFCS and lost a few pounds quickly, without expecting that result. My energy levels without sugar are much higher. I definitely feel more sluggish after I've eaten sugar. Google Dr. Robert Lustig...very interesting research on the effects of sugar. Don't get me wrong...I still indulge, but I make sure it's worth it. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the info Rachelle! That's great news. I can tell I don't feel as good or have as much energy when I'm eating a lot of sugar. It's all about diet! I will look up Dr. Lustig. Hope everyone is well! :)