Monday, January 27, 2014

Time to Get Real

OK guys it's time for a change.  I have to be honest I hate this time of year.  I tend to eat when it's cold and can't get outside, so I've put on 7-8 lbs in the past few months.  CRINGE!  It would be one thing if it was muscle mass but unfortunately it's mainly fat.  ICK!  The madness stops today.  I get down on myself for knowing what I'm doing to by body yet continuing to do it.  I'm not gonna lie, I've been killing it at the gym but no matter how hard you workout it all comes back to diet.  This is my biggest struggle.  So it's simple math really.  Calories burned > calories taken in, right?!  BUT I want to eat the right foods, right amount of foods and at the right time.    

I want to invite y'all to come on this journey with me.  I'm not going to do any crazy fad diet or get on a certain program.  I just need to make a few changes, and hopefully I will be well on my way to bikini season.  Now having said that I may have to make some adjustments on the way.  It's all trial and error and finding what works best within reason.  I thought bring y'all along on my journey would be a great way to share what I'm learning and help keep me on track too.  So here's the deal, I'm gonna try to update my blog bi-weekly to report on my progress.  

I may even get crazy and add some videos too... (see below)...

FYI, please disregard my gym hair and no makeup face.  
To be honest this is what I look like most days. 

Next up...I plan to talk about how I'm going to change up my diet.  
I would love to hear from you too!  Anything...advice, criticism, ideas...
Hope y'all will take this journey with me.

~Sarah Marie~

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