Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What Do I Eat?

~Day 3~

First of all here's my video post for the day.

Now, what do I eat?

I was going to go through a typical eating day for me lately, but I thought I would spare you all the details and get right down to it...

I start my day off eating pretty well.  The problem occurs around 2-3 in the afternoon.  Now this is where I get off track.  Most days I am STARVING at this time!!! I mean I am ready for dinner.  Obviously I am not doing something right to be so hungry and depleted by mid afternoon.  I think it comes down to not eating enough early in the day.  I dunno.  If I haven't stuffed my face by mid afternoon it ends up happening on the couch watching TV before bed.  I have never been one to deprive my body and never will be, so going hungry isn't an option.  I am a huge believer in listening to your body.  When mine tells me it's hungry, I'm going to feed it.  Now, instead of binging on carbs and sugary CRAP, what do I need eat instead?

Here is how I am going to make a change...
Like I said before this is trial and error, so I will let y'all know if this makes a difference.  A lot of this I already do, but I'm going to see if making subtle changes helps.

*Eat 2 servings of fruit a day (Add an apple a day)
*Eat 2-3 veggie servings a day (throw in spinach with a protein shake, eat more at dinner)
*Eat more protein

Pre-workout: 1/2 kashi bar for a little energy
Post-Workout: protein shake...I may add a little more protein to my shakes than usual as well as fruit, handful of spinach, oats, or peanut butter.  I bought some chia seeds which are supposed to be a super food.  I may throw a few of those in as well.

Days that I workout later in the day or not at all:  eggs (2 whites and 1 yolk) scrambled or spinach, mushroom, ham, and sprinkle of cheese omelet, 1/2 grapefruit or prunes (yes, I love prunes!)  They are great for you too by the way ;)  and 1 piece of wheat toast or 1/2 English Muffin (a little carb) or a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, milk, and fruit.

Lunch: Still going to stick with my deli turkey or chicken sandwich but may add some hummus and veggies or an apple with it for more sustenance.

I love a good grilled chicken salad too, but I'm usually hungry in a hour after eating one, so I need to add some fruit or maybe some soup with it.

Snack:  I'm going to try try try to do this right.  Here are some snack combos that I'm going to experiment with to see if they satisfy me or not:

*hummus with whole wheat pita chips or carrot sticks/celery or both
*almonds with 1/2 slice reduced fat cheese
*banana and almond milk
*figs and reduced fat cheese stick
*peanut butter on whole wheat bread
*grapes, reduced fat cheese and a few crackers
*protein shake
*a Kashi bar is always my go to snack if all else fails
(Mocha Choclate Almond is my fave and it has less sugar than a lot of other bars)

Dinner: I know what to do but it's all about planning and timing.  This is definitely an area I can improve upon.

*Grilled meat (chicken, fish, lean red meat) and veggies, sweet potato, brown rice, or quinoa  
*Healthy soups (chicken tortilla, split pea, black bean, soup beans, pinto beans, etc)

Late night snacking: IF and only IF I am still starving right before bed, I will allow myself one of the following (not an entire bag!)

*healthy popcorn (homemade)
*glass of almond milk or 1% milk
*Fruit (I really want to get away from sugar except in fruit)
*cup of hot tea with honey

Now I don't want any confusion.  This is the way I plan to eat during the week.  On the weekend, I get to indulge whether it be a burger, Mexican, pizza, etc.  I have to have a couple of cheat meals every week to look forward to.  I'm also going to allow myself to have alcohol 2-3 nights a week.  Most of y'all know I love red wine, but I'm going to TRY to limit my wine intake.

So there it is.
I welcome any comments, ideas, or suggestions!

By the way, only on day 3 but I can already tell a difference in the way I feel...more energy and not so lethargic all the time.  Really the only thing I've done differently is cut out the sugar and empty carbs and added more fruit.

~Sarah Marie~

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