Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Last Days of Summer

Well, I had originally planned this post to be about all the fun things the boys and I did the last week before their school started but our plans changed quickly.  Unfortunately we've been holed up in the house.  Eli had a stomach bug all last week and this week Van has it.  UGGGHHHH!!!  I hope he is the last one to get this wonderful bug.  The boys were supposed to start their first day of K2 on Tuesday but Van woke up sick so I am praying we will all be well by Thursday, so they can at least attend their first week.  They are dying to go to "school" and I am dying for them to go!  We went and met their teacher last week and they are super excited.  We are all ready for a routine again.

Fortunately we were able to get a hike in the week before all the sickness so it wasn't a total loss.  
The boys loved it!  I can't wait to take them again.

 Taking a break on the bridge.

Even though we were housebound most of last week, Eli perked up briefly to play outside.

Van doing a good job of sweeping the porch just like Mommy.

We tried to take a walk down to the playground before Eli started feeling bad again.  And yes they wanted to both push the stroller themselves.  Hey at least it's good practice for the 3rd little guy.

In between sickness, we made a quick trip up to Knoxville on Sunday to see my sis and my niece Olivia.  The boys had not seen her since Christmas so it was way past time to get the cousins together.  They had some good times.  We had plans of taking the boys down to "experience" a UT Football game day but just didn't get it together to get down there.  I hope they get to see the Vol Walk and Volunteer Village next time.

Cool cats watching Mickey with their shades.

The hit was Grandma's piano.  They had to put on their "glasses" just like Grandma to play.

We have a lot of blonde hair and blue eyes going on in our family.

In other baby news...
I am halfway through my pregnancy.
20 weeks last Thursday

Hope y'all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  
Prayers for health!
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