Monday, September 22, 2014

A Productive Weekend

This weekend the boys went to stay with Grammy, Poppy and Grandma in TN, so Adam and I could start the grueling process of moving rooms around and starting on nursery #2.  We killed it this weekend!  I honestly can't believe how much we got done.  I am so proud of our progress and it was definitely nice to have a little down time without the boys but I sure did miss them!  By Sunday I was so ready to see by babies!   

We hit the ground running early Saturday morning.  We started by cleaning out the bonus room over the garage.  Adam and I made countless trips up and down the stairs to prepare the bonus room for the guest bedroom furniture.  We made full use of our attic by storing everything we don't need right now up there.  Then it was time to get rid of all the excess furniture.  The sofa was by far the biggest pain the in butt to get down the stairs but we (yes Adam and preggo) made it...barely.  

If anyone local wants to purchase a sofa, let me know.  We are getting rid of the sofa, bar chair, and desk table.

Sunday morning Adam also worked on organizing our garage a little better.  I was wiped so Momma sat inside and read.  ;) 

Since the bonus room used to be kind of a second attic/play room/office, there was A LOT of packing up and throwing out to be done.  

My office is still a work in progress, but here's what it looks like right now.  I have so much stuff to fit into such a small space that I really struggle with finding the best way to organize it.  It's a definite work in progress.  Hey we couldn't do everything in one weekend.

We then carried the all the guest bedroom furniture from downstairs upstairs to the new "Guest Suite".  

The old guest room which is now the new nursery still needs a lot of work as you can see.  At least we got all the big stuff done.  I feel a lot better about this whole process.  Now I can focus on getting the boys into twin beds and setting up the nursery.

Meanwhile while Mommy and Daddy were working their butts off, my boys were up in TN having a ball with their grandparents and with all Adam's old cars.

Can you believe Adam's parents saved all his old toys and they all look brand new!  
This 80s red Volkswagen is awesome!

I just love productive weekends.  I definitely missed my boys but it was so nice to have a little down time and get some much needed housework/moving done.  It really is good for everyone.  The boys get a change of scenery and a chance to play with their grandparents, and Mommy and Daddy are able to get some freedom and time to get things done that otherwise wouldn't happen with the little boogers around.  Win win!

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