Friday, April 5, 2013

Race Day Essentials

I am running in the Cooper River Bridge 10K in Charleston on Saturday (my first race since giving birth over a year ago), so I am super excited!  It's a great opportunity to get a weekend away and have some fun as well as achieve some fitness goals I have set for myself (hopefully).  Of course I will miss my boys terribly, but I feel it is very important to get a break every once in a while.  Since I have running on the brain, I thought I would share my "Race Day Essentials".  If you've ever run any sort of race, you know how fun and exhilarating they can be.  You see people wearing everything, but here is what I will need to get me through 6.2 miles...   
Shocking, right?

I have one similar to this that fits great, 
holds everything in place, and doesn't rub.

This has "incredible," no pun intended,
support especially if you are busty.  
Gotta keep the girls in place. 

In case there is a chill in the air, 
this will be all I need to give me some warmth.

My go to shoe for everything!  
My feet love these.

Love the fun colors that these come in.

Garmin GPS Watch
I cannot run without my watch! 
I have to know my pace, time, and miles run.
Another great feature is that it tells you calories burned.

 iPod Nano 5th Generation
Another must-have is my iPod.  If I don't have it,
 my run is that much slower and definitely miserable.
Music fuels my workouts like no other.
If I don't have tunes, I don't get results, ha. 

Costa Del Mar Shades in Fathom
A great pair of shades that block the sun
and stay in place while running is a must for me.
I even wear them on cloudy days.

 The Pink Monogram Croakies
Personalized Croakies are a great way to add some flair to your shades.
And yes, I am aware that I need a new pair.
They get a lot of use.

Now, I'm ready to hit the pavement!  Bring it!

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