Monday, April 22, 2013

Monogram Jewelry

Who doesn't love personalizing an item by adding a monogram?  Monogramming is huge right now and has made it's way into jewelry.  You've seen Taylor Swift and Lauren Conrad's monogram necklaces, the Real Housewives of Orange County's diamond monogram necklace, Christina Applegate with her daughter's name around her neck, and perhaps the most iconic, the "Carrie" necklace worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City.  Needless to say monogram jewelry is hot.  I am so excited about the newest addition to the monogram jewelry world.  The Pink Monogram is now offering their own line of custom hand cut monogram jewelry available for retail or wholesale.  You can customize to your liking to make it personal.  I love my gold script necklace on a split chain and wear it everywhere.  I used my boys' initials to make it special to me.


 There are so many options.  Here are a few other of my favorites:

I just love all the color!  

The Carrie Necklace.  Need I say more?

Love this!  It has the look of diamonds without the cost.

As you can see, there are some great monogram jewelry options.  
Now go customize some jewelry for yourself at The Pink Monogram
If you are interested in wholesale, please submit your information here: 


  1. Those are pretty monogrammed pendants! It sure matches you. Have a nice day! :)

  2. love mongrams. This is adorable. I love your blog about monogram jewelry

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