Friday, May 2, 2014

Anniversary Weekend Getaway

Adam and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary last Wednesday.  We were lucky enough to get the chance to get away last weekend and go to our fave place...Charleston.  It was fabulous!  I hadn't had a break from the kiddos in quite some time, so I was in desperate need of a vacay and some down time.  I can't even explain how wonderful it is to not have a schedule and just worry about yourself for a little bit.  

We stayed at the Market Pavilion Hotel and by some crazy fluke found an amazing deal on the concierge floor!  I didn't even realize it until we got there.  I was actually skeptical at first because it seemed to good to be true.  Let me just tell y'all it was by far the best hotel I've ever stayed at in Charleston.  Everything was absolutely perfect!  Just what Mamma needed!!

Here are some pics of our weekend...

We kicked off our weekend with a delicious lunch at Morgan Creek
What a glorious day!

I have been dying to check out the downtown location of Taco Boy.  Since we had time to kill before check in, we decided to have a drink and enjoy the beautiful afternoon on their awesome patio!

Our room was perfection!  The service was amazing and we had everything we needed and more!

I'm obsessed with bath tubs so I was thrilled there was one in our room.

 The best part of the trip was having a leisurely morning sipping coffee and lounging in bed.

I took full advantage of the provided bathrobe and slippers.

Look who we ran into!
It just so happened that Aunt Kathy aka Kathy Miller Time was in Charleston the same time we were.  I was so excited we were able to meet up and have lunch!  It was so good to see her!!
Check her blog out here:
Tailgating Through the South

We managed to snag a couple of prime spots poolside Saturday afternoon.

Happy Hour H'orderves and Champagne
(another perk of the concierge floor)

We thought about venturing out to a new restaurant Saturday night, but decided against it and boy am I glad we did!  Best meal ever at Basil Thai...Tilapia and Shrimp!  Hands down the best meal I've had in a long time!!  Fabulous!  We devoured it before I could even think about taking a pic.

Sunday before we left we took a long walk around the battery and downtown area.  I just love admiring all the beauty down there.  I swear I could walk around all day.

It was a wonderful getaway.  It's amazing what a few days away will do for the soul.  Everything was perfect and as always I was sad to leave, but was so ready to see my little fellas.  Fortunately they didn't kill their grandparents.  ;)

Sarah Marie

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  1. Could not believe we were in Charleston at the same time. It was so great to see you and Adam! And glad you had such a fun, relaxing time. Think I know those grandparents!