Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Wonderful Mother's Day Weekend

I just had to post about the wonderful weekend we had.  First of all I am truly blessed to be the mother of 2 healthy, bright, spunky little boys with such a passion for life!  Even though it's so hard at times to stay at home, it is so worth it.  I am fortunate I am able to do so.  I do cherish these precious moments with my boys and love seeing them grow and learn every day. 
On to our weekend...
Honestly it doesn't happen often that we have a productive weekend with the little ones around.  For example, last weekend we attempted to get some flowers for our yard at K-Mart and a total meltdown (from both boys) ensued.  I mean like screaming crying like we were beating them to death...so embarrassing!!  Of course everyone gives us the control your kid stares and what's wrong with your kid looks.  It gets really frustrating when you feel like you can't leave the house because you're scared of a meltdown or of losing control of both.  Even when I have a helping hand it still can be near impossible to handle them both.  I am very thankful this weekend was a lot better!  
Mom came for a couple of days to help.  I've been dying to take the boys to the zoo but am a little apprehensive of taking them by myself.  Since I had mom's help, we decided to try it Friday morning.  It was a successful trip to the zoo but I am thankful I had an extra set of hands.  Thanks Mom!  
The playground at the zoo 
The highlight of our trip to the zoo was the "truck"
Saturday morning was the gym as usual then we hit up Chipotle for an early lunch.  We only were able to do this because a) it was early and not crowded and b) we could sit outside in the fenced in area so the boys could run around while we ate.  We were feeling brave so we continued our morning with a trip to Garden Ridge.  I've been dying to update our patio (or concrete slab lol) to make it more cozy and livable since the boys are outside a lot more.  We found everything we needed and at great prices!  Happy Mother's Day to me!  I had no idea Garden Ridge had so much!  Of course it was difficult with the boys but thank goodness no meltdowns occurred.  You should have seen us with all the furniture on the cart, Eli riding on top and Van trying to run away.  We are quite the sight!  I wish I had an extra hand to take a pic but as you might guess my hands were quite full.  Adam and I were able to get a quick date night in Saturday night.  We had a fab dinner at our favorite spot, Sushi Koji.  It never disappoints.  
Sunday morning we decided to skip church (again) and do an early breakfast at Bojangle's (the boys first Bo's experience) and get all the errands done for the week early since we wanted to take the boys to the pool after naps.  Our pool opened this weekend so of course we're dying to go!  I was so thankful for a wonderful Mother's Day weekend with my boys!  

 First Bojangles experience

First trip to the pool this summer

New patio furniture makes Mommy really happy!  :)

 And yes I will be purchasing a bin to put all the toys in.  


  1. love the decorative lawn mower! Whatever works! Everything looks wonderful Sarah. Your mom is something else!

    1. Thank you Aunt Kathy! It's a work in progress. The boys like to add their own touch to our backyard, ha ha! ;) Yes I don't know what I would do without Mom.