Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Ok, here they are.  I still have mixed feelings about these.  I have gone back and forth several times about posting these.  I am ONLY sharing these because I want to show that a healthy diet, exercise, and the right blend of supplements does work.  I apologize if it offends anyone.  I have never documented my progress before so I wanted to see if I could make visible changes in my body.  I've found that a cheat meal once or twice a week isn't going to kill you and eating the right foods often is key plus a little time at the gym! ;) 

Please excuse the quality of the photos.  
I use my iPhone and some of the images are a little fuzzy.

The beginning of  February...the start of my journey

Yes, I realize the gap of time.
I fell off the wagon a bit and honestly forgot to take pics.
March 14


March 28
I started taking Catalyst (amino acid supplement) this week.  It is amazing!  I can definitely tell a difference in my muscle tone since starting this supplement.

April 2 (down approximately 6 lbs)

 My attempt at a back shot...

April 10
Pre workout

Post Workout

April 21

I must be honest.  I have fallen off the wagon a bit lately.  Adam and I took a trip to Charleston last weekend (blog post to come) and when I'm on vacay, I eat!  It was a much deserved break and I enjoyed every meal!
 I do look forward to continuing to progress by eating clean, killing it in the gym, and taking my supplements!  As y'all can tell I have a passion for nutrition and fitness so feel free to message me any questions, comments, or anything you feel like sharing.  I'd love to talk to you! 

Sarah Marie


  1. Definitely inspiring me to stick to my gym and healthy eating routine..can you tell us more about your gym routine?

  2. That's awesome Megan! It's hard work but definitely worth it! I will try to get a post up about my gym routine too! :)