Saturday, September 7, 2013

Game Day Survival Guide

Well, it's that time of year again.  I'm actually a week late with this post since we are in week 2 of college football.  For those of you that are from the South, you know how exciting this time of year is.  I would say to many this is the best time of year.  Since I was born and raised (for the most part) in TN and graduated from the University of TN, it is safe to say that my blood runs orange.  Since I live in SC now I don't make it to as many UT games as I would like, but I still support the Vols 110%. I know there's not much hype this year in the way of TN Football, but I still pull out my Vols tee on Saturday and listen to or watch the Vols.  Of course I love watching all college football, particularly SEC.  

There is nothing like game day in the South.  There's an excitement in the air that's just electric and it's hard not to be in a good mood on football Saturdays (at least for me).  Let's be honest though one of the most important elements to game day is the attire, right?  I mean it's not a football game unless you're rocking your team's colors in the most fashionable way. 

I decided to put together a few tips and fashion ideas for game day.
Warning!  I got a little carried away because this topic makes me very excited, 
so bear with me.

A few things to keep in mind...

(Plan your outfit accordingly)

Wear cool, breathable clothing and don't forget your shades.

Have fun with cold weather accessories.
Add a scarf, jacket or sweater, and gloves or mittens in your school's colors.

You can always add a denim jacket over a cute dress or skinnies 
and add some cowboy boots or booties for flair.
I have been to many a rainy game at Neyland Stadium.
Here are a few items that might make the rain more bearable.


It's so easy to show school spirit by adding pops of color with jewelry, handbags,
even fingernails and toenails by having them painted in your school's colors.

A lot of stadiums have banned big handbags and totes, so make sure you know the guidelines when selecting your bag for the day.  I know I how do you smuggle all those mini bottles in?  Of course I have never or would never do that, ha.  You may have to get creative if you want a little fun flask accompanying you to the game. *Hint: cowboy boots might work or if all else fails a padded bra with extra room couldn't hurt either ;)  Not that I would know from experience.

Handbag Essentials: 
Since the smaller handbag size alleviates a lot of room to carry the essentials for us women, make sure you carry only what you need.  Make sure you always have cash on hand, your ID, a credit or debit card, lip gloss, hand sani (I don't go anywhere without mine), gum or breath mints, hair holder (especially if it's hot), keys, and your cell phone.  Oh yeah one more thing you may want to remember: YOUR TICKET! 

How far will you be walking?  Will you be tailgating in one spot and walking to the game from there?  Will you be a social butterfly and float from one tailgate to the next and maybe even hit up a few bars before game time?   These are things to keep in mind when selecting your shoes for the day.  If you want to wear the really cute heels, but know your feet will hate you after an hour, take some flip flops that you can change into before or after game time if you have access to your car.  
There are still cute options for a comfy flat or flip flop...
      ~Food and Drink~
This should be a given but if you're not planning on tailgating in one spot or even at all, you will want to think about the procurement of adult beverages and some food to give you energy to keep you going (game days are long days).  Either plan ahead and pack a cooler or make sure you know a good bar or restaurant.
Of course if you are tailgating in a particular spot, you know you have to plan ahead and bring much food and drink as well as all the necessary tailgating equipment.

This concludes my very long winded game day survival guide.  All I have left to say is...

V-O-L-S, Go Vols, Go!

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