Monday, September 16, 2013

A New Fall Routine

It's been awhile since I've posted, so I'm kind of combining 2 posts.  Please bear with me. 

The boys started back to MMO last week, but it's taking us a week or so to get back into a good routine.  Adam started his new job at Michelin last Monday.  Since he had some extra vacation to take before he started, the whole month of August was like a vacation for all of us.  I am still trying to figure out our routine for Fall.  The boys are currently going to MMO only one day a week since it's so far for us to drive.  I plan on taking advantage of the gym's MMO 1 or 2 times a week for another break during the week.  We shall see how this works for us in a month or so.  

Mom decided to come help with the boys at the end of the week since she knew it would be a hard week with Adam starting a new job. 
The boys helped me get her room ready...yeah right!  More like create more of a mess...

Let me just say that my mother is a saint.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without her.  
Thanks Mom for all you do!  

Adam and I had a date night Friday night while Mom was still in town.  We decided to change it up a bit and went to some new places in Greenville.  Greenville has so many amazing restaurants, so it really is a shame if we don't take advantage.  We started our night at Breakwater for pre-dinner drinks.  I ordered a fabulous drink called a Moscow Mule...fabulous!  Even though we didn't eat there, the menu looked so yummy, so we will definitely be going back.  

We ate dinner at American Grocery, which was wonderful.  It's a farm to table concept and the food was insane.  I highly recommend it! How had we not been there before?  Since the weather was perfect Saturday morning, we decided to take Mom downtown to Tupelo Honey for breakfast.  Of course not quite the relaxing meal we had the night before since we had the boys, but it was still fun and the food was delicious!

The boys wanted out of their high chairs right after this...
After a quick breakfast, we walked around downtown at the Farmer's Market which was awesome.  I had no idea it was that cool.  Plus the weather was perfect so we had a fabulous Saturday morning.  
I really don't want to even mention the beating that poor ole TN got Saturday afternoon.  Other than that, it was a great weekend.  Needless to say we ate some great food too!  Now I need to get my butt in gear and get back on the health train, which brings me to my next topic...

My Goals for Fall:

I feel like I am in a workout rut and to be honest have put on a few very much unwanted lbs. (due to all that yummy eating mainly).  It's not just the weight that matters to me though.  I want to feel better too.  I know that the biggest part of that is diet, but I am ready for something new in my workouts too. My goal is to get back to running at least 2-3 times a week in addition to 2-3 cardio classes at the gym and to add more weight training to my routine.  I want to add a weekly or bi weekly weight lifting program in addition to teaching BodyPump.  I would welcome any thoughts or ideas y'all might have.  I am ready to shock my body!

 Goal #1 for Fall: Get Ripped!

I wrote a blog post not long ago about clean eating, and I desperately need to get back to that.  I plan to do this by adding more protein and less carbs (I'm not cutting them completely out...just eating less) to my diet and cut out sugar as much as possible.  I am a sugar addict.  I totally can't control myself around the stuff, so away it goes!  Of course I will have a couple of cheat meals every week.
That's what keeps me going. :)

Goal #2 Get back to eating clean!

Right now I am in project mode trying to organize and purge clothes and baby items.  It's amazing how quickly we gather so much stuff!

Goal #3 for Fall: Purge and Organize

Lastly, work more hours for The Pink Monogram.  I blame it on the fact that we haven't had a set schedule for the past month, but it has been so hard for me to sit down and work.  I hope once we get our routine down, I will have more time to put towards The Pink Monogram.

Goal #3 for Fall: Manage my time better so I am able to work more.

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  1. Sounds like some good planning. I don't have your energy! Hope the Vols win this Saturday!!!!! I will be there surrounded by Gators.