Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Style: Booties

If you've looked at any fashion magazines recently, then you know booties are THE shoe for Fall.  There are so many different styles out there.  I can't wait for the first cool day when I can pull mine out.  The great thing about a bootie is it's versatility.

I got these Vince Camuto black suede stilettos at my secret shoe store, Beaty's, in Kingsport for super cheap!  I will pair these with a sleek pair of leggings (How great would they look with a faux leather legging?), dark skinnies, or a dress for a night out.


Yes, there are a few imperfections in these shoes, but that's why they were so cheap.  Hardly noticeable if you ask me.  Unfortunately I couldn't find them for the price I paid, but here's a link if you're interested:
Black Suede Bootie

I also ordered a more casual pair online.  I will pair these with leggings of course, skinnies, and even a dress for a little more dressed down look.
These are extremely comfy by the way.


Here are some more of my faves...

~Sarah Marie~


  1. Love your new booties girl!! Thanks for the house love today :) The lamps were a Homegoods score and the curtains are PB!!

  2. Love all the booties. Think they will look good with my legs! Go Vols.