Thursday, February 9, 2017

Back and Shoulders Workout

Day 2 last week was legs and shoulders.  I super-setted everything meaning I did a back exercise then immediately did a shoulder exercise, rested for a minute or so then resumed.

Pull-ups (yes I can only get 4 on my own but I try every week to increase 1 rep....sooooo hard!!!) 
super-set with barbell push press 4 x 4(pull-ups) 10 (push-presses)
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Cable lat pulldown with cable upright row 4 x 10
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Aussie pull-ups (You can use any low bar) and dumbbell side lat and front raises 3 x 10
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Drop set (start heavy then lighten when you can't do anymore) of kneeling cable pull-downs
Whew!  My upper back was sore for several days after this one!
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