Monday, February 29, 2016

Back and Shoulders

In addition to pump, I did my leg workout one day and paired up shoulders and back the next.  Next week I will hit arms hard.  Ideally I would hit legs, back, shoulders, and arms in addition to a pump or 2 a week but right now that's just not happening.  So...I'm rotating back and shoulders with arms. 
Here is the Back and Shoulder Workout I did...
*Click on each exercise to see technique
I did super-sets to keep it moving and my heart rate up.
Warm-Up: 10 min jog or walk at 13% incline on treadmill
30-50 push-ups
1.  Pull-ups (not assisted so I only got like 3 but you have to start somewhere)
super-set with Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press
5x6-8 (I used heavy weight)
2. Lat Pull Downs
super-set with Rope Pulls 
3. Seated Cable Rows
super set with alternating Dumbbell Front Raise
4x10-12 each side
4. Kneeling Cable Pull Downs
super set with EZ Bar Upright Rows
4x 6-8 (heavy)

 This week I will hit legs again but will throw in arms the next day.  
I will share that workout in my next blog post...
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