Monday, November 10, 2014

Family Update and The Potty Training Fiasco

Gosh y'all!  It's been too long.  I clearly haven't been the best of keeping up with my blog lately.  It has honestly been a rough past couple of months, so the blog got put on the back burner.  After the boys each got sick, I was sick for about a month.  Let me tell you being sick while pregnant is for the birds!  Terrible!  It took me awhile to shake my horrible cold.  Plus we've been dealing with potty training issues with the boys.   

*Disclaimer:  If you're not a mom and poop grosses you out (it does me and I'm living this), skip this section!

I may have mentioned that the boys started taking their poopy diapers off at naptime and/or bedtime and playing with it and spreading it everywhere!  What a complete nightmare!  So we have been trying everything to keep them from taking them off...duct taping their clothes and diapers (didn't work), putting on footless zip-up jammies backwards (didn't work), putting footless jammies on backwards and duct taping them (didn't work), and finally we found a solution (until they figure out how to maneuver out of these).  My mom found a company that makes "inescapable" zippered back sleepers that are supposed to be impossible to take off.  Now whenever the boys go down for naps or bed we put them in these jammies and use a diaper pin over the snaps at the top.

  All of this sound crazy?!  Yes it is!  I would have never in my wildest dreams imagined any child would ever or could ever do anything like this.  Let me tell you, the first time you have to clean up poop off the wall, ceiling, bed linens, floors, toys, etc and find it all over your children, you will wish someone would just kill you (or them) right then and there.  Talk about disgusting!!! 

I realize this is a clear indication the boys are ready for potty training.  We have been trying but they absolutely do not want to go poop in the potty.  They like to stand in a corner in their diapers as much as I plead with them to go poop in the potty, they do not want to sit on the potty to poop.  Now don't get me wrong. They love to go sit on the potty and play around and make a mess, ha.  They will even go pee pee every now and then, but I really don't think they are totally ready to take the plunge.  We have tried putting them in big boy pants around the house to get a feel for it and they just pee all over the place and laugh.  (They think spreading poop everywhere is hilarious too.)  Needless to say we are having a time and are so ready for them to be fully potty trained!  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!  Please!  Please comment below!

Side note:  Y'all never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that I would be doing a blog post on poop and pee and the wonderful trials and tribulations that apparently go along with potty training twin boys.  It's so crazy the things you go through as a parent.  If you would have told me this a few years ago, I would have said you're insane!  That would never happen!

Now on to more pleasant things...

The boys took their first field trip to a farm that had a pumpkin patch, corn maze and lots of fun things to do.  They had a blast!
Eli with his pumpkin of choice.
Van with his

Halloween week was a good week for the boys.  They had not one but TWO Halloween parties at school.  Talk about sugar overload! 

Of course the boys were super excited to go trick or treating.  They thought they were going to sit down and eat the whole bucket of candy that night.  We had to hide their buckets so total meltdowns didn't ensue the next morning.
My lil monsters
Enough picture taking Mom, let us go already!
My boys

A long day of sugar and partying ended with what?  More sugar and Monsters, Inc.  How appropriate!

In other news...

We finally got the boys transitioned into their big beds last weekend.  We decided we really didn't want to buy a third crib, so it was time to put the boys in "big beds".  So far so good.  They seem to love them but they still wreck havoc in their room.  I guess it's going to happen regardless of what bed they're in.

And yes they still use paci's.  They will be 3 in a month so it is way past time to send them away.  You have to pick your battles.  This is one I have been scared to fight until now.

The beds aren't totally put together in this pic.  So no, we aren't making Eli sleep on just a mattress.  Although after the poop fiasco's I'm tempted to take everything away and make them sleep on the hard floor with nothing! ; )

Last week Grandma came for a visit.  We love it when Grandma comes!  We got to go down to the playground a couple of times since the weather has been so nice.

The past month has been pretty busy.  I can't believe I am 2 months away from adding another little guy to our craziness.  Even through all the sickness I am truly blessed with such a wonderful little (big) family.

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