Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Break

The boys were on Fall Break last week so we tried to take advantage of no school on Thursday and Friday.  I am slowing down a little so I was happy I had the energy to get out and do a few fun things with the boys.
Friday we ended up going to the zoo.  The boys loved all the Halloween decorations.  We haven't been since Spring and I think they enjoyed it a lot more this time.  

Killing time standing in line...

Brotherly love

Eli wanted to stand out front.

Saturday after the gym and a quick lunch at Five Guys (Momma needs her weekly hamburger fix), we headed out to the BMW Euro Auto Festival which featured Porsche this year (Adam's most favorite car).  Of course we had to take the boys.  They both love cars but Eli is obsessed!  He is just like his Daddy when it comes to cars.

I think the boys had a nice Fall Break.  Their teacher told me when asked what they did on Fall Break they said they went to Target.  I'm like, "Really?!  That was the highlight of their long weekend?!"  
Go figure, ha ha!

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