Tuesday, November 18, 2014

24 Hours of Peace

This past weekend Adam took the boys up to TN to see his parents for a night.  I stayed home and had some much needed "me" time.  It was so nice not being on a time schedule for once.  I was able to get my hair done, run some errands, and rest a little.  It was wonderful coming home and sitting my butt down on the couch and vegging for as long as I wanted!  This was probably the last time I will have alone time for a long time, so I tried to cherish every minute.  

I always feel so good after I get my hair done!

Sunday morning I had my coffee in bed and lounged as long as I wanted.  It was fabulous!

 The boys were ready to go to TN!

While I was enjoying my freedom and down time, the boys were keeping Grammy and Poppy busy in TN...

The boys love going up to TN to visit their grandparents.  I am so lucky that Adam was willing to take them alone.  Thanks hunny!  
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