Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Last week started out good.  We had a nice lazy Monday morning.

Van was productive and "vacuumed" the living room. ;)

Tuesday I got to run for the first time in months.  
I made it 3 miles and it felt great!

Then I ended up getting the worst cold of my life that turned into a sinus infection!  Ick!  I don't know if it was intensified because I am pregnant or my immune system just isn't what it used to be.  I am not one to get really sick normally so this rocked my world.  I  hate being down and out and not being able to get to the gym kills me.  I listened to my body though and took it easy for several days.

I did manage to take the boys to the park one day since the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. 
They love the "choo-choo".


25 weeks and growing...
 I actually got myself dressed on Friday thinking I was feeling better.

I even treated myself to a PSL.

 Go Vols!  Lil B and I supporting the Vols even though they lost to FL...again...ugh!!

We participated in our neighborhood yard sale Saturday morning.  We are trying to make room for the 3rd little guy...it was a bust!

Working hard...

Taking a snack break...

We let the boys skip out on nap time Saturday and watch some TN football.  They were super excited about the game.

Sunday we headed up to the mountains to find a doable hike for the boys.

We started out at Caesar's Head.  
What a view!

We took a picnic lunch of Bojangles.  I caught everyone chowing down. ;)

We ended up on the Blue Ridge Parkway around Black Balsam and walked a little bit on a couple of trails but we really didn't know exactly where to go.  Next time we're going to head to Graveyard Fields.  Even though we didn't get much hiking in, the drive was beautiful!  It was nice to get out of the house.

I must have done too much this weekend because by Monday morning I was in bad shape again.  I finally broke down and went to the doc to get some meds.  For those of you who know me, I HATE going to the dr and am against taking antibiotics if you can help it but I needed some relief quickly.  I just pray this helps and I will be on the mend.

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