Friday, July 12, 2013

New Lilly Pulitzer at The Pink Monogram

Some of ya'll may know this, but I work part-time for The Pink Monogram which is a local business here in Greenville.  Not only does The Pink Monogram offer monogramming, but they have a huge website business which is what I work on.  I just love adding new items to the website.  I just had to share the newest items I've been adding because I'm obsessed.  The Pink Monogram now offers Lilly Pulitzer gift items!  Yay!  I just had to purchase a few of these items for myself.  (Side note: Just so y'all know I am normally very restrained and do not buy every item I put up on the website.  Ok, just had to clear that up.)  
My personal favorite item is the agenda (go figure) and yes, I am the proud new owner of a Lilly Pulitzer agenda in the Chiquita Bonita print.

It even comes with stickers!

 Love that there is a lot of room to write on each day.

  My planner obsession has gone way overboard as I now have not one, but two planners.  Oh yes, and they will both be used my friends.  There is something so therapeutic about writing down my schedule, tasks to complete, to do lists, etc.  
If you want to read about my planner obsession here's the link: Plan it Out blog post  

Another Lilly item I had to have is the tumbler in the Garden by the Sea print for my ice water or maybe a poolside cocktail.  Yes, I think I like the second idea better.  It comes with a straw too which I love.

      Here are some other favorites that are on my wish list...

I am loving this iPad case in Lucky Charms print.

I am having trouble deciding between these Lilly iPhone cases.  The prints are all amazing.
  What do y'all think?

3) Skip on It

Be sure to check out all the new Lilly Pulitzer items at The Pink Monogram

~Sarah Marie~

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