Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Full Workout Week

I decided to take a little break from teaching BodyAttack about 2 months ago. The boys are requiring a lot of my attention right now and frankly it takes a lot of time and energy to learn, teach and prepare for each class.  Sportsclub needed a little help this month for Attack since they were down an instructor, so I was glad to help out. I've always thought this but after taking 2 months off...whoa!  Nothing, I mean nothing gets me like Attack does. I mean we're talking heart rate maxed, sweat pouring, and walking out breathless and weak in the knees.  Y'all may hink I'm a wuss but this class is serious. It is by far the most intense, crazy ass workout I've ever done, and I've tried many a workout. Point is, I love it (yes I'm crazy like that) and realized how much I missed teaching it. I plan on going back to teaching it full time once the boys are a little older, but right now I need to focus my energies on them.


By the way I am still teaching BodyPump, my first and true love...Les Mills instructors, you know what I'm talking about.  Needless to say after teaching 3 BodyAttack classes and 5 BodyPump classes within the last week, I am exhausted.  This week is a little lighter, so I will be back to running with the boys on the days I'm not teaching. I am also going to focus on learning the new BodyPump release, which we launch at Sportsclub July 27.

On another note...Adam's birthday was Monday (ick), but we are waiting until this coming weekend to celebrate since his parents are coming in.  We hope to get a night away at some point.  :)

I will leave y'all with a few of my fave workout ensembles...
Oh yes! Don't y'all know it's all about the outfit? ;)

Shorts/ Tank (old)

 Shorts/ Tank (old)

~Sarah Marie~

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