Monday, July 8, 2013

A Nice Long Weekend

After a wonderfully long weekend, it's time to get back in the swing, ugh!  We had a wonderful visit with my parents in Knoxville even though it rained the majority of the time.  Now it's time to get back to the gym and eating clean again.  I must confess I have been eating terribly lately and guess what?  I feel gross and ended up getting a cold.  It's amazing what a healthy lifestyle will do for you.  It is nice to have a little break every once in awhile though.  

Here are a few pics of the highlights of our weekend...

 We had to find indoor activities on the 4th due to all the rain, 
so we ended up strolling the boys around the mall.

Adam and I did get a couple of date nights, which were fabulous in spite of the rain. 
We had a movie date night one of those nights and saw The Lone Ranger.  
It was awesome!  I just love Johnny Depp.

Rainy downtown Knoxville
Friday the Vicars came down to Knoxville for dinner.  
We ate at our go to place, Calhoun's.
It was so nice to have everyone together.

 The boys were a little restless at dinner (shocker), so Grammie pulled out her glasses which they seem to love for some reason.  We got a kick out of Adam putting them on Eli
After a quick dinner (the boys won't sit still long), we let the boys run around down on the waterfront.  
They were not happy when we had to leave.

 Checking out the ducks.

Pure mischief

A rare still moment for the boys. 

 I hope y'all had a wonderful long weekend too!

~Sarah Marie~

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  1. Rain rain go away! Finally. Wish I could have celebrated 4th with you. Had fun with cashiers friends in the rain! Need to hike together soon. Looks like you are teaching the boys about hiking