Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pump Day

If you are familiar with the Les Mills BodyPump program, you know the official Pump colors are red and black.  As a Les Mills group fitness instructor, you are encouraged to wear the colors of the program for a new release aka a "launch".  I found this tank for a launch back in the fall from Nordstrom. 


 On my hunt for the perfect red and black tank, I found an awesome new line of workout gear...yay!  Zella is Nordstrom's private label and is rumored to be made by or at least modeled after Lululemon.  The price points are a little cheaper than Lulu and the quality is amazing. Not to mention, the Zella sale items are super cheap!
Here's a back shot to see how cute the back is.

I tried to get a pic of my leggings, but had a hard time.  
Love these!  They fit perfectly and are the perfect length.

Old Asics

Now, time to pump it up!  :)

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