Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Monday

Since I am writing a more fashion/trend oriented blog, I thought I would share my love of workout apparel with you.  I am a group fitness instructor so, as you could imagine, a lot of my wardrobe is workout gear.  I pretty much wear workout clothes everyday.  Of course since I wear it so often, I have to bring fashion into it somehow, right?  Lululemon is my most favorite workout/yoga apparel brand.  I know, so expensive, right?!  After I bought my first pair of speed shorts, I knew those were the only shorts I would ever wear.  They are the perfect length for me (I like them short) and the fabric is amazing.  Not to mention, they come out with new awesome colors and prints often to make them stylish and fun.  I am almost ashamed to admit how many pairs I have, but here they are...

 Ridiculous, isn't it?  Check out this link if you wanna try a pair but I must warn you they are highly addictive! Lululemon Run Speed Shorts

 Best running shoes ever!  Great for high impact aerobics too!  

My tank is from Target (old) and I'm sure you can guess where I got the shorts.  :)

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