Wednesday, March 18, 2015

9 Weeks Post Pregnancy Fitness Update

I was cleared at 6 weeks by my doc to hit the gym again.  Yay!  I've been dying to get back at it.  Until I get back into a good routine, I thought I'd share my journey thus far.

I gained a little over 20 lbs this pregnancy.  When I came home from the hospital I had lost about 10.  I still have about 7-8 more to go until I'm back to pre-preg weight.  Let me tell you, it's not budging!  I am trying to be patient because I know it takes awhile for your body to recover.  It takes a little longer to recover with a C-section too.  I was really sore (extremely) for the first 2 weeks.  Even so, I made myself get out and walk some even if it was a short walk down the road and back.  When I had help with the boys I would take Britton in the stroller, which was good for both of us to get out of the house, get fresh air and for me to move even if it was a little painful.  Of course I took it very easy and listened to my body.  I didn't want to overdo it, but I also didn't want to lay around and delay the recovery process.  I walked as much as I could those first few weeks.

I did try a spin class around 5 weeks which didn't bother me at all!  I tried combat around that same time and it was a little much so I had to take it easy.  At 6 weeks I felt no pain at all and was able to workout when time allowed.  I still have no feeling in my abs so I am working on strengthening them and getting the feeling back.  B couldn't go to the nursery at the gym until 8 weeks and now it's hard to get all 3 to the gym, so I started looking for some at home workouts to do.  More on that later.

 I started teaching pump again last week.  I jumped right back into it by teaching 3 classes last week and this week.  I am still trying to ease back into a vigorous routine.  Right now I work out when I can find time (yeah right!) and if I feel up to it.  Needless to say I'm tired a lot so I don't want to waste my time if it's not going to be a productive workout.  That's where quick at home workouts come in.  It's such a great stress relief though when I'm taking care of kiddos all day.  It's something I can do for me, but it really benefits the whole fam if I'm healthy and happy.  It takes a lot to take care of these 3 boys!

Nutrition wise I have pretty much been eating what I want up until last week.  I had no appetite the week after my surgery, so I think I lost and then gained back some when I started eating again.  My downfall is sugar.  I do try to eat a lot of veggies and semi healthy meals but the desserts are what get me.  I honestly didn't worry about eating very clean until now.  I am trying to limit my sugar intake, add a lot more protein to my diet (shakes, bars, eggs, etc), and veggies. Since I've been eating semi clean I already feel better!  It's amazing what a good diet will do for you.  It truly is the best medicine!

I am hoping to be back in shape by summer, but I do know it takes time.  The main thing I'm trying to focus on right now is getting rest when I can, enjoying teaching my pump classes, building muscle, and throwing in a good cardio/interval blast a few times a week.  I have recently discovered some quick at home workouts that I have been doing as well. 

Jamie Eason's Post Pregnancy Trainer is great!  I love a good HIIT workout and she offers some great quick at home circuits.  She also has some good nutrition tips and recipes.  I've already done some of her at home workouts several times and they are wonderful!  My faves are the Napping Baby Circuit, ab circuit, and Anytime, Anywhere 15-Minute Workout.  It's all laid out by weeks and days but I've been throwing it in when I can't get to the gym or don't have much time.  I include the boys too.  We turn on music and do "our exercise."  They love jumping around with me.  It's a great way to occupy them too. ; )

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