Monday, December 15, 2014

Birthdays, Grandparents, and a Night Away

We had a wonderfully busy weekend.  The boys birthdays are actually today and they are 3!  My how time flies.  My parents came in this past weekend to help celebrate.  Adam and I got an early Christmas gift too.  We got a night away.  Thanks Mom and Dad!  This will be the last time for a long time I am sure.  We got all of our Christmas shopping done and were able to eat some great food!  What we like to do best.  ; )

We have spread out birthdays over the past few days.  It's more fun that way, right?

The boys opened their birthday from Grandma and Grandaddy Saturday morning.

Mommy and Daddy got some time away Saturday.

Our attempt at a "selfie".  We haven't quite figured it out.  Bless our hearts.

A peaceful Sunday morning with coffee in bed.

Sunday the weather was so beautiful, we decided to take the boys to the park to hike and play on the playground.  


After naps on Sunday we continued the birthday celebration.  

We had birthday cupcakes.

The boys opened their gifts from Mommy and Daddy and Grammie and Poppy.

Eli got a big bulldozer.

Van got a tool belt.

Tool Man Van!

Daddy's work gloves completes the ensemble.

I would say the boys had a great birthday!  
I am trying to enjoy these last few weeks with them while it's just us.

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