Thursday, June 5, 2014

In the Gym...

Most of y'all know I'm a gym rat.  I can't help it.  There's nothing I love more than a heart pumping workout and a good sweat.  It is therapeutic for me and a great stress relief!
I've had a few questions about my gym routine, and I couldn't be happier to share.  Of course every week is different but here is what I do on an average week.

4-6 times a week
I'm a bit of a group fitness junkie so most of my cardio comes from attending classes:
 BodyCombat, BodyAttack, Spinning, and the rare BodyStep class.  I will also take an Intense Body class every now and then.  I love this class because it combines cardio and weights into an hour.  Now that the weather is nice I run at least once or twice a week, and once a week I do a quick interval sesh on the lovely (ick) treadmill---hate this but it's only 20 minutes and a great fat burner.  
1-3 times a week
I teach BodyPump anywhere from 1-3 times a week.  BodyPump focuses on low weight and high reps.  It's a total body workout and it's fabulous!  It's different every week but I try to get some sort of weight training in at least 3 times a week.  It's a good week though if I actually get in 3 weight sessions.  

Weight Lifting
Depending on my Pump schedule, I average 2 or 3 times a month, BUT I am trying change that and lift heavy weights at least once a week.  My body is used to doing light weight and a ton of reps, so I need to hit  the heavy weights hard to shock my body.

Pilates and/or CXWORX
I had been adding in Pilates or a 30 minute CX class once a week to help my core, but this honestly has gone by the wayside the past few weeks.  I did make it to CX this week and it felt great!  I honestly was skeptical of Pilates at first but it is amazing and so great for your core.  I can honestly tell a difference in my core strength by going just a few times.  Now Yoga is another story...not my thing but that's ok.

Ok, so I'm curious about the latest craze...Barre training.  
So if any of y'all have done this I would love some feedback! 

I will leave y'all with a few pics from our last Pump launch.  

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