Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beach Essentials

The countdown for the beach has begun...less than a week away from feeling the sand on my toes, hearing the ocean, and feeling the sea breeze on my face.  To say I am excited would be an understatement.  I look forward to this trip with the Vicars all year.  This year I am especially excited because the boys will be able to experience the beach.  Last year they were so small that they really didn't know what was going on.  Since I have beach on the brain, I thought I would share some of my beach essentials.  

I usually buy a new swimsuit every year.  This year is no different.  I rarely stray from Victoria's Secret when it comes to swimsuits.  I just love the variety they offer, the easy mix and match separates, and the sizing.  They also have great sales.  Here is what I found for this year's purchase.
My favorite style of swimsuit is a halter.  I really liked this suit in blue too.  Since I'm notorious for buying a lot of blue, I decided to branch out and do the coral instead.
{Gorgeous Swim Collection} 

This is my suit from last year.  This is one of my favorite colors.  I actually didn't get to wear it much last year because I was still trying to loose baby weight, so I am very excited to be able to put it on this year!

I purchased this suit 2 years ago, and it is still one of my faves.

A great cover-up is another essential of mine.
I love a cute dress that can easily be thrown on.
I am using this awesome tankdress for one of my cover-ups.
This picture doesn't do it justice, but it's a hot neon pink which I love.
Plus, it's so comfy!  

Next up, I have to protect my face and skin from the sun.  I have to be honest, I haven't always done the best job of protecting my skin.  I do love a good tan, but this year is different.  Maybe it has to do with turning 31, but I am starting to see the negative effects of the sun on my skin.  I am going to be smarter about applying sunscreen (not just tanning oil-what?!) whenever I go outside and especially when I am laying out. 

I found a cute hat to keep the sun off of my face.  
I am never without my shades, even on a cloudy day.
These were actually my birthday gift last year from my hubby.  
I am obsessed with Ray Bans.  These are so classic!

The days of tanning oil are in the past.
I'm going to borrow the boys' SPF 50 for my face and
keep 30 on everywhere else while on the beach.

 {SPF 30}   {SPF 50}

 What would the beach be without flip flops?
 I have had these for years, and they have been the best flip flops I've ever had.
I have them in hot pink too. :)
I also have my eye on these for a little more dressy look.

I have to have a big beach bag because I have a lot to carry with 2 kiddos in tow.

This is the perfect bag for holding all our beach essentials.  It's big enough to hold everything we need.  The best part about this bag is that it is water resistant and easily wipes clean.  I have an older print, but I love this chevron.
{Scout Bag Deano}

I just updated our beach towels.  The ones we have are several years old and faded.   
I love a striped towel, so beachy! 
The best part about these is that they were $10.00 and an additional 15% off  with coupon, yay!

A beach trip wouldn't be complete without some good reading material. 
Here's what is on my beach reading list:


{Spring Fever}

Ok ok, I have one last thing that is essential to a day on the beach...


 Pineapple Juice


Oh yes!  You have to a cocktail beachside.
Adam and I love a good beach drink. This is so simple.  All you need is rum with a little splash of pineapple and a squeeze of lime.  We started a new tradition last year.  As soon as the boys go down for their afternoon naps, we grab our cooler and run down to the beach for an early happy hour.  I can't wait for this year!
These are super easy to make and sooo easy to drink. :)

Now, who's ready to hit the beach?!


  1. Love the new swimsuit. The blue one Is great too. Also loved the beach bag

    1. Thank you Aunt Kathy! We are ready to get out of town! :)