Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Dresses

Easter is upon us, so time to start thinking about Easter outfits.  As a little girl, I remember I couldn't wait until Easter.  Well obviously the Easter Bunny would be bringing me goodies, but I loved getting to wear my new Easter dress and new white shoes to church.  It's a little bit different with boys since I can't put them in dresses, but I can shop for other items.  :)  I was so excited to buy them their first pair of little white shoes, knee socks, and white sweaters.  I know I know, but I couldn't resist.  After getting the boys squared away, I decided I needed to update my Easter wardrobe as well.  I have had the same Easter dress for years now.  There are so many pretty spring styles out right now that it's hard to narrow it down to just one.  I did splurge on my dress, which I rarely do. Side-note:  I do not normally buy the boys' clothes at a boutique or full price, but I feel that one nice splurge outfit a season is perfectly fine.  I shop consignment, sales, eBay, and lower price stores for the boys' everyday clothes.  That is a post for another time though.  

Here is my personal Easter dress find:

I will add a white cardigan, pearls, and some great wedges.  This dress will take me from Spring through Summer and will last years.  I have no problem spending a little extra money on items that I can wear for a very long time.  These pieces need to be classic and timeless. 

Here are some other great purse-friendly options:


Love this sundress from J.Crew Factory.  
So simple, yet you can dress it up with jewelry, shoes, scarves, or a cardigan.

Floral prints are huge this spring.

You can't get more classic than navy and polka dots.

This is for all the Vol fans.  This is will take you from Easter to football games in the fall.

In love with this dress!  Judith March knows how to do it.

 The ever popular chevron in a shift dress. 

 How cute is the back of this dress?  Another Judith March creation.


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