Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 2: From Flat to All That

Hey y'all!  Week 2 of  From Flat to All That is done!  I had to complete Circuit 1 and 2 just one time instead of 2 because I taught pump twice.  I figured since Pump is along the same lines of the lighter weight and high reps with a circuit feel, I didn't get off track too much.

I did Circuit 1 on Wednesday morning at home (with my kiddos running around).  I think Britton was entertained watching me and the boys had fun trying to imitate my moves.  I moved quickly since I had everything ready to go and close at hand which made my heart rate stay up and my workout feel a little more effective.  The main purpose of the circuits these first 2 weeks is to get your endurance up so I'm not too worried about lifting heavy right now.   I did Circuit 2 in the gym and thankfully it wasn't crowded so I was able to keep it moving and do everything I wanted to do quickly.

Lifting heavy starts next week, so this is when my body will truly be challenged and shocked.  The workouts go from 4 to 6, so quite an increase in gym time.  I am excited to start lifting heavy next week! 

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