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Britton Geoffrey: The Birth Story

I finally got a computer that works!  Yay!!!
Here is the story of the birth of my 3rd little guy, Britton Geoffrey Vicars.  He's a month old now but better late than never, right?!

I'm documenting everything I can remember, so I will have it for myself to look back on.  You may want to skip some of it.

I think I mentioned it before, but I was definitely more nervous and anxious about the delivery the second time around.  For those of you who don't know I had a scheduled c-section.  I'm not sure if it's better to know when it's going to happen or not.  Needless to say Thursday, January 8 was a sleepless night.  Adam and I got up bright and early to be at the hospital by 6 am.  I am glad it was first thing in the morning though so we didn't have to wait all day.  Thankfully we didn't have to wait very long like I did with the boys.  The waiting is the worst!  I got settled into the recovery room in my hospital gown and got my IV going pretty quickly.  Then we waited.  It was just Adam and I this time around.  His parents were taking care of the boys and my family had a sudden illness so they couldn't make the trip.  I was so nervous/anxious/excited that I literally felt like I was out of mind waiting to go into the OR.  This was no different than the last time.  The feeling of uncertainty is scary for me.  Poor Adam wasn't much better off.  Thankfully we didn't have to wait as long.
  I have to tell this story because it is kind of funny and typical of Adam.  Thankfully my operation was right on time.  Adam had to go to the bathroom last minute thinking he had time before they took me back.  WRONG!  As soon as he left, here they came and wheeled me away.  Needleess to say I didn't get to say bye to him.  Thanks for the support hunny.  Of course he got to come back to the OR a little later, so it was fine.  Just typical, ha.  
As I entered the OR things proceeded pretty quickly.  I got my spinal and the doc came in shortly after and went to work.  It's amazing how quickly they can get the baby out.  In a few short minutes Britton made his appearance and was as perfect as he could be.  After the nurses cleaned him up and checked him out, Adam brought him over so I could see him.  Keep in mind my hands are tied down so all I can do is look at him.  He's absolutely perfect!  What a miracle!  Such an amazing thing.  Adam held him at my head for a few minutes then they went to a waiting room until they finished up my surgery.  Another grueling part of a C-section...the back half.  It seemed to take forever to finish up this time around.  I was bleeding a lot and they couldn't get the bleeding to stop very quickly. There I was laying on the table trying not to listen to what the doc was saying (impossible).  She kept calling me "oozy woozy"?  For someone who knows nothing about the medical field, I was slightly alarmed...I was really freaking out.  Am I going to bleed out on this table?  Please please just put all my parts back together the right way.  Finally finally after what seemed like forever, they glued (yes, they used surgical glue) me back together and I was wheeled back to the recovery room.  Adam and Lil B joined me right after.  

I immediately held B and started trying to breastfeed.  This was something I didn't get to experience with the boys.  I didn't even get to see them until later that night.  I was so glad I was able to have this experience!  Lil B latched like a champ.  He immediately found my boob and went to town.  I was amazed at the instinct to do that.  It was truly a special moment and I bonded with him in such a special way that I really can't describe.  Of course I was heavily drugged, couldn't feel my legs, and was shaking like a leaf due to the anesthesia.  That didn't hinder my special first moments with my precious son.  

A few minutes old.  
Yes, that's a blanket around my head to help with the uncontrollable shaking.


After an hour or so in recovery, we were moved to a room.  I was still in my drugged up state and  trying to get the feeling back in my lower half.  I was happy beyond belief though!  I opted to stay 3 days at the hospital since I knew what would be waiting for me at home (ha ha).  I was a lot more sore and in a little more pain this time around.  Plus I was really enjoying the special one on one time with Britton.  Being waited on wasn't bad either. ; )  I cherished the time getting to know Lil B and bonding.  Again something I wasn't able to experience with Van and Eli.  I started feeling so bad that I didn't have that time with them.  Hey it couldn't be helped and they are just fine.  I am thankful that I was able to experience birth this way though.

A few hours old

Grammie and Poppy

One day old

Headed home

The whole fam

Meeting big brothers

Fortunately my in laws were able to stay with the boys and Adam was off work the first week B was born.  Thank goodness because I couldn't do much.  I was in a lot of pain for the first few days and had a bad experience with my pain meds so I decided not to take them anymore.  I don't handle any kind of medicine well and Oxy Codone is no joke!  I hated the way I felt on it so I decided I would rather be in pain than out of my mind, ha.  Somehow we managed to make it through that first week.  Thankfully Adam's parents came back the next week since Adam had to go back to work.  I really couldn't have done it without them.  They took over taking the boys to school and taking care of them.  

We are now a little over a month in and this is the first week I am completely on my own.  I am ready to get a schedule and a routine going though.  It's only Tuesday but so far so good.  Today was the first day I took the boys to school by myself.  I put B in the Ergo baby carrier on me so I could hold the boys's hands since they still like to run away.  It seemed to work well for now.  Now we need to get the little one sleeping more through the night and we will be doing good.  He really is a great baby!  It does seem a lot easier just having one.  I was really overwhelmed with twin newborns.  Heck!  I'm still overwhelmed with twins and now another one!  We will get our routine down and hopefully establish some sort of normal back in our lives.  

Bug eyes

Feed me

What a wonderful family I have been blessed with!  Lil B is such a wonderful miracle!  I am so glad God blessed us with him.  My heart is so full these days.  We are truly fortunate to have 3 healthy, vibrant, sweet boys.

 My big boys

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