Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Dad Tribute

 After a wonderful Father's Day weekend, I thought it appropriate to give a shout out to those special men in my life that love, care, and put up with me.  :)  
These men mean the world to me and make my life wonderful!

Here's to you my wonderful Dad (now Grandaddy)!

To my father in-law (Poppy)...

And to the father of my children...Adam, you are an amazing father and our little boys are so lucky to have such a great Daddy.

This was taken a year ago. 
The boys are clearly a little smaller. ;) 

 Here's a rundown of our Father's Day weekend...

Mom came for a visit, so that meant date night Friday night!  The weather was perfect so Adam and I had a nice happy hour sitting on the sidewalk downtown at Soby's.  Of course we ended up at Sushi Koji for dinner (our go to date night sushi spot).  Hands down, best sushi ever! 


Since mom so graciously watched the boys Saturday morning too, Adam and I hit up a CrossFit class.  We did one together while we were at the beach and it was awesome!  We both love working out, so it's something fun we can do together when we get the chance.  The only downfall is they don't provide a nursery, so we have to take advantage when we have help.  :)

We also did some yard work.  We finally got flowers for the yard.  I am not pleased with our back patio, so I am desperately trying to find ways to make it more usable, enjoyable, and pleasing to the eye.  We have NO shade in the backyard, which makes it difficult to enjoy on these hot summer days and nights.  It's amazing what a few flowers can do though!  They totally brightened up the back patio and I am actually enjoying sitting out back now. 

After a productive Saturday morning, we decided to hit up our fave Mexican restaurant, Compadres, for an early dinner.  We have to go early with the boys since their bedtime is 7:00.  Are you impressed with my ingenuity for keeping them contained while we dined out back?  Yeah, didn't last 5 minutes before they figured their way out, and we were back to chasing them all over the place.

The boys ran off their extra energy in the backyard once we got home.  Well, Eli did anyway.  Van isn't so sure about the grass yet.

Eli is on the move!

Sunday we skipped out on church (again).  We plan on going back next week.  Instead we took a family trip to the grocery store, all had naps, and headed to the pool.  Going to the pool means chasing the boys.  They are still a little wary of the water, so they end up running around outside of the pool.  I still haven't figured out a safe way to take them to the pool by myself.  If y'all have any ideas, please let me know.  I'm dying to take them, but I just don't have a way of safely watching both of them.

 Poor Adam was exhausted by Sunday evening.  It's hard to keep up with the boys and do everything else too.  
We love every minute of it though.

Hope y'all had a very Happy Father's Day too!

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