Monday, February 4, 2013

Plan It Out

I have always been a planner and have had a slight obsession with daily planners. After taking a class my freshman year in college that taught me how to organize my planner even better, my obsession with organizing my life grew that much more. I have saved most of my planners since 2001 (see below). Some people keep journals, I keep a planner.  Being a busy mom of twins, organization is key to our lives.  I know keeping a paper planner is a little outdated with all the technology available now, but for me I have to have something I write in where I can add my personal touch.  I thought I would share some of my organization ideas and tools with you in hopes you might find something of use.

All my planners I've saved from '01, '02, '03, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12

My current planner. I don't think Kate Spade makes this particular planner anymore, but they have the same size available in a different color. 

Let's break it down...

First, you need to find a planner format that is easy for you to use and that appeals to YOU.  There are so many options available, so you may have to do some experimenting.  I currently use a small pocket size leather bound planner that I can add a refill to each year.  Of course style comes into play for me.  I have to enjoy looking at it everyday, and it has to have a touch of personal flair.  After trying many different types of planners, I finally found one I love.  I have had my Kate Spade planner for 3 years now and it's perfect for me!  It's very small, but I like that because I can easily throw it in my purse if need be.  It's important you find a size and format that works best for your lifestyle or you won't want to use it.  The format I use has a monthly view at the beginning of each month, and then I can view a week at a time where I write in daily activities.  After you have chosen your planner, it's time to find a way to actually use it.  
Second, find a way (system) of writing down activities, appointments, and items that need to be completed within a day, week, and month. I am a huge fan of Post-Its, which I use to write my wonderful and never ending To Do Lists.  You can even use different sizes or colors to divide up daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.  For example, I may use a big Post-It to write all the items I need to complete within the week, and I like to use a smaller size for daily tasks that I can stick onto that day.  For those of you who aren't organizers, I know this seems a little overboard, but I promise it works!  There is nothing more satisfying than checking off my To Do List!  :)  I tend to write any appointments, my aerobics teaching schedule times, or any other events of note on the specific day space provided.

 The best part of having a Kate Spade planner are the colorful refills!  So cute!

I hope you found something useful in my post.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  I would love to hear from you!

Happy Planning!!

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  1. This for sure confirms that we are related. I looked up the Kate Spade planners after reading this post. Love it!!