Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Better Late Than Never...

I'm a little late with my Christmas post but I've been having computer issues.  : /  The computer I normally use died a quick death, as in the hard drive crashed and I lost!!!  I am currently using an old, EXTREMELY SLOW computer but I wanted to get some posts up before Lil B comes Friday! 
This was by far the best Christmas with the boys.  They actually understood what was going on a little more and were so excited!  It was so fun to watch them on Christmas morning.  They were in absolute Heaven all day and all night long.  

Here are some highlights from our Christmas week.

We started off the week by visiting Santa to tell him what we wanted for Christmas.  Van jumped right up on his lap.  He was determined to tell him his Christmas list.  Eli was a little more hesistant.  He took a minute to warm up to him but as soon as I said, "You better tell Santa you want cars for Christmas," he was willing to sit on his lap.  ; )

The boys were dying to open presents so we agreed to opening one on Christmas Eve.

Grammie read "The Night Before Christmas" before bedtime.

Santa was very nice to the boys this year.  Bear wasn't quite sure about the racetrack.

Christmas morning it was on!

Lil B had a good Christmas too.  
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